How to make excavators save fuel without reducing the task rate and the life of mechanical equipment? This is the most concerned issue of excavator owners. Today, I will introduce 10 fuel-saving tips for excavators.

  1. Avoid engine idling

Even when idling, there is still oil circulating in the hydraulic pump and consuming fuel. Suppose 1 hour out of 10 hours in a day is idling. If idling can be avoided, about 230 liters of fuel can be saved per year. Therefore, during the loading or excavation process, when the machine can be stopped for a long time halfway, try not to “wait” with the machine idling.

  1. Avoid overloading

When the excavated sand or stone is overloaded, the excavator will fall into the pressure drop state. Assume that 6 minutes of 10 hours a day are in the form of pressure drop. If the pressure drop can be avoided, it can save about 840 liters of diesel per year. Problems that cannot be dealt with by one shovel can be dealt with in two. Otherwise, it will not only waste the service life of the machine, but also consume fuel. That’s a huge loss.

  1. Reduce the engine speed

Put the engine throttle in the economy position. Of course reducing the engine speed will affect the workload. But it can greatly reduce fuel consumption. Improve fuel efficiency.

Fourth, reduce the hovering angle

The cycle time can be shortened by reducing the circle angle when loading the dump truck. Add the amount of work per unit time. Then improve fuel efficiency. This is also the most effective way to save fuel.

  1. Reduce the engine speed when walking

The faster the engine revs, the more fuel is consumed while walking.

  1. Implement high-level excavation

The excavator work platform is most effective when it is the same height or slightly higher than the truck.

  1. When the bucket cylinder and connecting rod, stick cylinder and stick are all at 90 degrees, the force of each cylinder to push the excavator is the greatest.

When digging at the beginning, do not extend the stick to its full range. Starting at around 80% works best.

Eight, stick excavation range

The stick is angled from 45 degrees distal to 30 degrees medial. Slight difference due to digging depth. However, the boom and bucket can be operated within this range. It should not be operated to the end of stroke of the cylinder.

  1. When excavating, first dig both sides of the trench. Dig the middle part again. This can save a lot of energy when digging the middle.
  2. Digging depth

Try to use segmented mining as much as possible. It is divided into upper, middle and lower layers for excavation. If it is a digging from low to top, first of all, the scope of action is increased. Secondly, the power of the excavator is reduced due to the increase in the range. Reduced work efficiency. The main thing is wasting fuel.