Customized Front Idler Manufacturing for sale

  • Logo: 001 Machine,As your requirement
  • Material: 50Mn,40Mn,35Mn,other alloy steel
  • Colors: Black&yellow, or customized
  • Finish: Smooth
  • Technique: Forging, Casting, Machining, Heat Treatment
  • Surface Hardness: HRC50-56
  • Depth:8-12mm.


In the landing gear of excavators and bulldozers, the front idler is located at the front or rear of the landing gear. It enables the equipment to move forward or backward and maintain the correct direction.

Front idlers work with tensioners. Their main function is to keep the track in proper tension and prevent the track from falling off. Enables equipment to traverse rugged and challenging terrain.


  • Our front idler shells are made of high-quality alloy steel and have been heat treated. The product has a long wear life and stress resistance.
  • The needles are also heat treated to ensure good hardness and adapt to harsh working conditions.
  • We adopt the finishing process to make the front idler smooth in surface and accurate in size. It can perfectly match various brands of excavators and bulldozers.


Our front idlers can be applied to excavators, bulldozers and other undercarriage machines of various brands and models. At the same time, we can also customize front idlers according to customer needs

DAEWOO Front Idler

Daewoo Front Idler


Sany Front Idler


New Holland Front Idler

Liebherr Front Idler

Liebherr Front Idler

KATO Front Idler

KATO Front Idler

John Deere Front Idler

John Deere Front Idler

JCB Front Idler

JCB Front Idler

Case Front Idler

Case Front Idler


VOLVO Excavator Front Idler


Sumitomo Front Idler

Kubota Front Idler

Kubota Front Idler

Komatsu Front Idler

Komatsu Front Idler

Kobelco Front Idler

Kobelco Front Idler

HYUNDAI Front Idler

HYUNDAI Front Idler

HITACHI Front Idler

Hitachi Front Idler

DOOSAN Front Idler

Doosan Front Idler

Caterpillar Front Idler

Caterpillar Front Idler


The front idler holds the track chain in proper alignment while the machine is traveling and acts as a shock absorber and chain tensioner.The Front and Rear Idlers on an elevated sprocket machine are effectively the spreaders for the track chain. The idlers keep the chain reasonably tensioned and guides the chain as it rotates.

An idler gear in a gear train is defined as the gear placed between the input and output shafts (between the drive gear and the driven gear). For example, it is used to change the rotational direction of the output shaft, or to fill a large gap between the input and output shafts without affecting the speed ratio.

Its primary function is to provide tension and guide the engine drive belt. These belts wrap around the various parts of the engine such as the power steering pump, alternator, water pump etc… To keep it simple, idlers are complementary pulleys that make the entire system run smoothly.

Idler sprockets engage with roller chains to maintain tension, change the direction of the chain, or position chains away from obstacles. They typically spin freely on a shaft that does not transmit power and can reduce vibration and wear on the chains.

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