Inspection Equipment

In the long run, having high quality would help greatly in reducing the substitute cost and ensuring a long-term profitability. On the other hand,low quality products will suffer from having to need frequent replace which can in turn, turn a profitable business into a loss. Having low quality products can cause many problems which can lead to customers losing trust in us.

On the first glance, and casting parts from different manufacturers look similar, they are but process of casting, but underneath the surface, the quality of our parts is hugely different, as a result of different material, strict quality inspection, care for the details and installation.

High quality is our aim that we should always follow. We 001 Machine can give you the strongest product warranty available to meet your requests. 001 Machine uses the inspection equipments as quality control for all customers:

Metallographic, impact test machine, spectrum analysis instrument, ultrasonic examination facility, universal strength tester, three coordinate measuring machine,x-ray ndt equipment, magnetic particle inspector, etc.