How to Replace Excavator Bucket Teeth

Good excavator bucket teeth can improve the working efficiency of the excavator and reduce the pressure on the boom and arm. Reduce machine maintenance costs. Bucket teeth are the most easily worn parts on an excavator. So it needs to be replaced frequently. Many excavator operators do not know when to replace bucket teeth. Also don’t know how to replace the bucket teeth. This article will introduce how to replace bucket teeth.

When to replace bucket teeth

When it is necessary to replace the excavator teeth, please refer to the following 2 points.

1. Regularly check whether there is serious wear and tear according to the working environment of the excavator. If the excavator is used to excavate hard stones such as rocks, it should be checked and replaced frequently.

If it is used to excavate loose ground such as sand, the frequency of inspection and replacement can be reduced.

2. If necessary, change the construction environment. It is recommended to replace the appropriate excavator teeth according to the excavator construction environment. For example, it is recommended to use rock chisel bucket teeth for digging rocks.

How to remove bucket teeth?

Before disassembling the bucket teeth, let’s first understand the structure of the next two bucket teeth. Direct mount and horizontal mount.

The finger pin shaft of the direct-mounted bucket tooth is installed vertically with the front face of the excavating bucket tooth.

The finger pin shaft of the horizontally mounted bucket tooth is installed parallel to the front of the excavating bucket tooth.

There are other preparations to do before the bucket teeth are removed.

Bucket tooth removal tool

  • – Stakes, jacks
  • -Bucket Tooth Pin Removal Tool
  • -Hammer

Personal protective equipment

  • -safety gloves
  • -Wire brush
  • -Glasses
  • -Safety helmet

If the construction conditions are more complicated, it is also necessary to prepare to put a “maintenance, prohibited operation” sign on the operating table.

Bucket tooth removal

Begin by adjusting the adjustment bucket to a position where it can be easily maneuvered. Hold the bucket teeth parallel to the ground and support with stakes/jacks to stabilize the bucket.

Then use a wire brush to remove the dirt around the bucket teeth.

Finally, use the Bucket Tooth Pin Removal Tool with a hammer to push out the bucket tooth pin. Once the pins are removed, the old bucket teeth can be easily removed from the adapter.

After removing the bucket teeth, check the tooth handle. If the shank is severely worn, it also needs to be replaced together.

How to install bucket teeth?

1. Adjust the bucket to a suitable position and fix it.

2. Check the adapter for dirt. If there is, it needs to be cleaned up.

3. Fix the bucket teeth on the adapter. And keep the bucket teeth from falling off.

4. Insert the pin from the other side of the retainer and strike with a hammer. Lock the groove of the pin with the retainer.

The disassembly and assembly of the bucket teeth is not difficult, and the bucket teeth of the excavator can be replaced with simple tools. I believe you will become more and more proficient after doing it a few times.

Selection of bucket teeth

The selection of bucket teeth needs to be judged according to the brand of excavation and the construction environment.

Purchase the corresponding bucket teeth according to the model of the excavator. As a bucket tooth manufacturer, we can produce various types of excavator bucket teeth.

Choose bucket teeth with different hardness according to the construction environment. The hardness of bucket teeth can refer to many aspects. Such as bucket teeth manufacturing process, materials and so on.

For more information on how to choose bucket teeth, you can refer to this article.

Where to Buy Bucket Teeth

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