Excavator undercarriage mainly includes four wheels and 1 track. The four wheels refer to the Idler, Sprocket, Carrier Roller, Track Roller. The track refers to the track assembly.


Idler: plays the role of guiding the track. At the end opposite the driving force. Usually, there are 2 Idlers per excavator.

Track Roller: It plays a supporting role. It is located between the lower surface of the left/right beam of the chassis and the track. According to the size of the tonnage of the excavator. Usually, there are 5-10 Track Rollers on one side.

Sprocket Wheel: plays the role of driving the track. Fixed on the travel motor. The driving force of the travel motor is transmitted to the crawler through the gear structure. Usually, there is 1 Sprocket on each travel motor.

Carrier Roller: hold up the role of the crawler. Depending on the tonnage of the excavator, there are usually 1-2 Carrier Rollers on one side.

Whether loader, bulldozer, or excavator, the undercarriage cost will take 50% of the costs of the machine. It means that keeping the undercarriage well-maintained is very important. Welcome to view the next article on how to maintain the excavator undercarriage.