Tiger Teeth 2713-0032T

Tiger Teeth 2713-0032T for Daewoo Excavator DH360

Tiger teeth 2713-0032T is suitable for Daewoo Excavator DH360 series.
As a manufacturer of excavator bucket teeth, we can produce various types of bucket teeth and backhoe teeth, which are suitable for various excavator brands.

Our Business Scope

  • Excavator bucket tooth.
  • Excavator/bulldozer parts. Include Sprocket、Track roller、Front idler、Carrier roller.
  • We also customized excavator/bulldozer parts.
  • Affordable Price                     
  • Fitment Guarantee                
  • Bulk discounts for large order
  • Description:Tiger Teeth 2713-0032T for Daewoo
  • Part Number: 713-00032T, 71300032T
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Color: Yellow or as customer’s request
  • Weight: 9.3kg
  • Hardness: 48-52HRC
  • Impact Value: >20J
  • Brand Name: 001Machine
  • Place of Origin: Dongying, China
  • Packing details: Standard wooden box (105*80*60cm, 105*80*40cm). About 1 ton per box
  • Delivery Details: 15-30 days (after order confirmed)

Daewoo Excavator Bucket Tooth

Daewoo Excavator Bucket Tooth

All the above Daewoo models are for reference only. If you don’t have the model you need, you can contact us.

If you need a special size carrier roller, please contact us, we can customize the accessories according to your drawings. We can also customize according to the material, color, etc. customers need.

Daewoo Excavator Bucket Tooth Type

Fangs Bucket ToothOffset Long Bucket ToothWide Bucket Tooth
Tiger Bucket ToothPenetration Bucket ToothVX Penetration Bucket Tooth
Loader Bucket ToothTwin Tiger Bucket ToothHD Penetration Bucket Tooth
Rock Chisel Bucket ToothPenetration Plus Bucket ToothHD Abrasion Bucket Tooth
Flare Bucket Tooth
Daewoo Excavator Bucket Tooth

For more types of Daewoo excavator bucket teeth, please contact our sales team.

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